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Black Gate 4


Black Gate 15 is another giant-sized issue, and will shortly be out to the printer.  I hope all of you have dropped by to see the fabulous new cover by Donato Giancola. If not, you should visit the site and feast your eyes.

I've been slowly cobbling a site of my own together at www.howardandrewjones.com, where I'll be blogging about my own writing. My first novel is being released from St. Martin's imprint Thomas Dunne Books in just a few days, followed by a second novel from Paizo a few days after that.

I'm still not sure quite what to do with this Black Gate Livejournal page. I've been too busy with other projects to keep it going, especially since there is a huge blog collective on the Black Gate web site itself. When I have something to say that the magazine's readers might find interesting, I've been saying it in the same spot as the rest of the bloggers. For now, though, I'll leave this Livejournal spot active. It's probably optimistic of me to think that I might one day have more time, but a man can dream.

Howard Andrew Jones


You should be able to turn this into an RSS feed off the BG Blog.


Also, your new site needs a feed so I can add it to google reader.

Regarding the site - it's nice and clean, but not visually inspiring... doesn't scream "heir to Lamb". I'm guessing that's to come.
The very best of luck with the novel! But I agree with the lads above, that you should be able to feed in any content you write here to the main BG blog.