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Black Gate 4

Late Update

Dear Black Gate folks,

In case it wasn't entirely clear, there really isn't going to be a sister magazine called Spicy Troubadour. Sorry.

I should also point out that, in case nobody knew, the next issue of Black Gate came out and it's a beauty. I hope you're already reading it, or the PDF, available on site.

I'm not altogether sure what to do with this space these days. I'm pretty much head down over my Paizo game novel and will be until mid July, at which point I have to return to being head down over the second Dabir and Asim novel until September. Most of my posts about BG are now appearing over on the official Black Gate web site. I'm a bit behind on reading and reviewing, alas. And posting... I haven't posted anything here since that April 1 post.

So... what do I use this space for? Do I simply use it to duplicate the articles on the Black Gate web page? Or do I use it as a more informal place to discuss with the magazine readers? 

What are your thoughts? Any useful suggestions are appreciated!

Warm Regards,



Use this as an announcement page, and otherwise blog about life in general?
Duplications are greatly appreciated as well.


I like the heads up or two on the behind the scenes of BG, plus any random S&S links, plus any of your goings on, happenings, doings and whatnots.

Generally speaking, if it is a project you are directly or tangetally involved in, I'd probably like to know. From Lamb to Dabir, and all journeys in between, I like this blog for keeping me semi-current.
Informal place to discuss stuff. You could post quirky opinion, etc.

Alas about ST. I so would have subbed to that.

Also, can't wait for BG to open to subs again.


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