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Black Gate 4

More Previews

I hope all Black Gate fans have been keeping up with the web site, where in addition to an ever growing library of fascinating articles we now have a web comic and... more previews! This is a Hulk-sized issue of Black Gate, the largest ever fielded, and it's bursting at the seams with heroic fiction goodness. If you haven't done so yet, I hope you'll sign up for a a copy of your very own.

As everyone knows, next week is a very special time for couples, because they'll be able to sit down together with the new El Borak and Other Desert Adventures collection by Robert E. Howard. I'm smart enough not to get my sweetie a copy for Valentine's Day, but I do hope to be reading it at some point in the next seven days. Sure, I've read almost all of the stories, but they're worth more than one re-read. They were penned by one of the greatest adventure writers ever to appear in print. And then there's the essay inside from the late Steve Tompkins, the last new essay of his I shall ever read. I've been looking forward to it, though the reading of it shall be bittersweet. Steve was a brilliant essayist and scholar and we're all poorer for his absence.



El Borak for Valentine's??

Who would have thought it? Not me! You are what we call "an original thinker," my friend!

Maybe I should read my sweetie some REH out loud this Valentine's Day? In all honesty, it can't go over any worse than some of the other things I've tried.


Re: El Borak for Valentine's??

It depends on your sweetie. Seems to me that nothing quite sets the mood like Pigeons from Hell or By This Ax I Rule! But then I'm sort of surprised no one ever made an after school special of that last one. As for a specific tale from El Borak just perfect for that special occasion, why not Three-Bladed Doom?