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Black Gate 4

All day today the Black Gate bloggers will be posting essays about Robert E. Howard on this, his birthday. I hope you'll drop by and check it out.

A preview of the coming issue, 14, should be going up in the next few days. It's a splendid issue, even looking past the fact you'd expect me to say that.

I have been writing now full-time since January 4th and I've rarely been so happy. Every week, though something has come up -- kids get snowed out of school, I have to take a vehicle in to get maintenance, etc., so I still don't know what it's like to work full-time for an entire week. Maybe next week. In any case, it's glorious to not have to fit what I love to do around the edges of my life, and I'm making huge strides forward into the sequel novel. It's feasible that by day's end today I'll have 20,000 words of the projected 90 thousand something. I am supposed to be getting editorial comments on the first book in the next few weeks.


Much envy...

Watch this space.
Happy birthday to REH! The man had his share of flaws as a human, but my lord he knew how to spin a yarn.