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Black Gate 4

Black Gate 14 in The New Year

Black Gate 14 has been proofed and will shortly be heading to the printer. This means it's several weeks late, but we're hoping to be forgiven for that because it's about TWICE the size. Yep, it's crammed with adventuresome goodness and should be headed your way soon.

There will be a more official announcement complete with sneak previews, blurbs, and snazzy pictures very soon.

My posts were pretty few and far between last year. What can I say -- life out in the real world kept me very busy. I'm trying to make writing my full-time gig now, though, and since I won't have to cram it in around the sidelines anymore I expect to be more involved with Black Gate again, which will mean more blog posts, as long as I have something interesting to say. Recently I posted over on the Black Gate web site about my new Heroscape compulsion, and I'll likely be posting over there about once a week. I hope to be doing the same thing here. I promised some comments on publishing and the manuscript acceptance process, and James Enge and I batted an idea or two around about getting Black Gate serial characters into serial book characters, so you might hear from us both on that as well.

For now, though, Happy New Year!

Howard Andrew Jones


Happy New Year, by the way!

This year, THE WORLD!!!


Glad to hear I'll soon be receiving BG 14. Dare I say TWICE as glad?

I do want to wish you the best of luck on your new career in this new year as well, Mr. Jones. And I certainly look forward to any remarks on your experience with publishing, etc. as well as those of Mr. Enge, as I find myself in the position of having a novel to shop around and am in need of all the help I can get.

Jason T