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Black Gate 4

Much News, All Good

I keep meaning to get back here more often, and it keeps not happening. But I do have good news.

One: I am extremely pleased to announce that the talented Charles Saunders, creator of Imaro and Dossouye, will be dropping by to guest blog at the Black Gate web site from time to time, and he's just posted his first entry. Charles is one of the greatest living sword-and-sorcery writers we have, and I'm thrilled he's on board. Drop by the site and see his first post, then make sure you go find his fiction!

Two: John O'Neill has recently posted a preview of issue 14's cover, and is through laying out the fiction. We just have to wrap up the review sections. The finished issue should be available come Christmas time, and it will be extra bonus size, and not merely by a page or two.

Three: Now that I have a copy of the contract, I no longer feel like I'm jinxing anything by revealing that I have a two book hardback deal with Thomas Dunne, a St. Martin's imprint, for my Dabir and Asim historical fantasy/sword & sorcery novel(s). It's a good feeling. I had planned on keeping everyone abreast of the whole submitting process once I sent the thing off, but it didn't seem right talking about any of it until things were finalized. If anyone's curious about what it's like suddenly going from "outside" to "inside," I can post on that later.

Warm Regards, 

Howard Andrew Jones


YAY! I LOVE Dabir and Asim!
Thanks! Now I need to set up a web site for them... If only I could draw...
Thank you!
Massive congratulations on the book deal! That is very cool. Happy dances are in order. (cue the music)
Congrats, man. There's nothing quite like that "Holy crap, I've got a book deal!" feeling. ;-)
Wow on the book deal! And very well deserved! It's very interesting and also lovely to see so many of BG's contributors wind up with book deals in the end. It just goes to show that the mag. is filling a vital niche.
Thank you. Yes, it does seem like there's a connection, and wholeheartedly believe the mag's filling an important niche.
Awesome news!!
Absolutely outstanding. Count me in as one of the many totally psyched to read not just one, but two novel length adventures with two of my favourite S&S characters. A hearty congratulations.
Thanks, Fraser. As the first editor to publish Dabir and Asim, I owe you a real tip of the hat for encouraging me.

I didn't know you were on LJ -- how are you, and what are you up to these days?


That is fantastic news, Mr. Jones. Congratulations. It is refreshing to see someone with such enthusiasm, who has given so much of his time, get a deal like that. Or I should say, _earn_ it. I look forward to reading those novels, and any posts concerning the process as well. Once again, well done sir. Jason T
Thank you, Jason. I'm just doing what I love. It's going to be an honor to be doing it more often.
Thank you!
Congratulations on your deal!
Thanks! I've got your book on my yule-tide list.
Contract! Novels! AWESOME!!!



I look forward to your books. Definitely post on going from outside to inside, please!

How are the Dabir and Asim novels going to be set up - a series of interrelated incidents or an overarching (i.e. traditional novel-length) story?

Honestly, I can't possibly guess which I'd prefer, but I know however you slice it will be the right way.

Again, congrats!


Re: Congratulations!

Thank you, Daniel.

They are traditional, novel-length stories. The first one explains how they come to be honored by the caliphate and how they come to rely upon each other so closely. It follows closely on their "origin story" from Black Gate.
Hooray! Nice one, sirrah. Make sure you keep us abreast of print dates!
Thank you, sirrah! Right now the first print date is pretty far out: Spring of 2011!


Good News

Good News on all fronts, Howard. I am especially happy to hear that Saunders voice will be linked with Black Gate. That has me stoked. Congrats on the book deal, my friend.
Chris Gruber


Re: Good News

Woooo! Grats, Howard. Great news about the book contract!

Charles R. Rutledge


Woohoo, congrats!

-- Chris Willrich
Thank you, Chris!