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Black Gate 4

Riding in from the Steppes

Hello all,

My long absence notwithstanding, Black Gate is alive and well. John, with some help from my old friend Joe McCullough, has been working his way through the submissions. Black Gate 14 is slated for the end of the year -- hopefully all interested parties saw John's earlier announcement that the magazine was officially bi-annual now. That means you'll see it, regularly, every spring and winter. We opened for a short reading period; we will re-open again for more reading after a little while, and will provide plenty of notice when we do.

I had to step away from my duties here to care for the Harold Lamb books coming from the University of Nebraska Press, and to see to some other matters. I should be able to post more regularly again soon, and I'll provide some more details about the Lamb books near the end of August.

I hope all interested parties have been following the excellent essays over at the Black Gate blog, at www.blackgate.com. Our contributors have been writing some fascinating material.

In any case, it is good to be back. I'll look forward to re-familiarizing myself with the blogosphere.

Warm Regards,


Dear Mr. Jones,

Thank you for posting this. I forget about Black Gate's blog, and a little reminder every now and again is a great delight! -- c.s.e. cooney
Good to have you back!
Good to see you're back!
FWIW, welcome back to blogland, Howard.


Jeremy Harper


Welcome back

I was wondering where you had gone. Good to see you'll be posting again, as you always have interesting and insightful things to say. Looking forward to reading them.
--Jason T


Bi-Annual Announcement

Somehow, I missed the announcement of the shift to bi-annual. Where was this made? I checked sffnet and re-checked the BG site (which I tend to keep up on), but can't find it. Could you post a link so I don't pepper you with redundant questions about the move?



Re: Bi-Annual Announcement

Hi Daniel,

John posted about that here, on April 14 (Huh, apparently I can't paste a link in a response -- who knew? Here's a link the old fashioned way http://www.blackgate.com/2009/04/14/a-letter-from-the-publisher/).

Bi-annual may sound to some like it comes out every OTHER year, but it really means twice yearly. Honestly, that's what Black Gate's been doing for a while now. It may be quarterly down the road when John isn't working long hours at the day job, and there MAY be larger size issues in the near future -- but for right now it's bi-annual.



Re: Bi-Annual Announcement

Thanks for the follow up. I am a completely insane devotee of BG (of the "wait for BG"-"receive BG"-"Read BG"-"Re-read BG"-"Re-read BG 1-12"-"wait for BG" variety) and can't believe I missed the official statement!