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Black Gate 4

Pleasant Surprise

I was on the phone with Eric (eeknight ) the other day and something he said led me to look into the copy of his fourth Age of Fire novel, Dragon Strike. I read everything from Eric the moment I get my eyes on it, but since that usually means I read it in manuscript, when I buy a physical copy it goes on the shelf beside the increasily large selection of other E.E. Knight books (that bookshelf is starting to fill up with Knight books -- way to go, Eric!). I don't break open the book for a while. Anyway, today I finally got around to flipping it open and noticed that he'd dedicated the book to me, which was pretty danged cool. Thanks, bud! I think I must qualify for a doofus award for not noticing one of my best friends had dedicated a book to me about four months ago.

Oh, and the new issue of Black Gate showed up on my doorstep. It looks, as they used to say in Liverpool, pretty fab. Did anyone else notice the new heavy paper stock?

Right, back to paper grading.



I noticed that right away I just assumed you knew or else I would have pointed it out.


Noticed the stock, the art and the heads up that Knight himself would be making an appearance in the next issue.